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I Sapori delle Vacche Rosse

Vacche Rosse Cheese 40 months - 500g

Vacche Rosse Cheese 40 months - 500g

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The pieces, as they are cut manually, can vary from a range of 0.450 kg to 0.550 kg.

Aged for over 40 months.

A cheese with an intense flavour, never spicy or aggressive on the palate thanks to the absence of plasmin, an enzyme responsible for the "pushed maturation" of proteins that influences the taste of the cheese, a peculiarity of Red Cow milk.

It has sweet, soft notes with hints of walnut and a crystalline grain.

It is ideal served in flakes for aperitifs or as an accompaniment to important meals with family and friends.

A peculiarity of aging over 30 months is that it no longer contains lactose as in the aging mechanisms all the lactose is converted into lactic acid.

When we met Luciano we were fascinated by its history and passion for its territory, for the Reggiana breed, and for Parmesan.

Then he took us to the barn by his Red Cows and there I felt his love for these animals. But our passion for his products broke out when we tasted them. Passion, tradition, and love for this work come together in them.


In the 1980s, the Vacca Rossa Reggiana cattle breed was on the verge of extinction and it was then that Luciano Catellani, leading a group of breeders, started a recovery and enhancement process that allowed the breed to be saved from its sad fate.

His farm, the Corte delle Vacche Rosse, has about 150 animals fed on fresh fodder and hay of his own production.

Luciano's determination led to the revival of this bovine breed and the production of a Parmigiano Reggiano made only with pure Reggiana milk.


The Vacche Rosse Razza Reggiana cheese is a cheese rich in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, Omega 3 and Omega 6, thanks to the green fodder given in the summer and the flax seeds added to the winter fodder.

The minimum seasoning is 24 months. The taste is sweet, delicate and persistent.

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