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La Cà dal Nôn



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Saba joins a slightly acetified grape must to give a condiment with a good fluidity, fruity flavouranda pleasant mild acidity.

Organinc certification: Starting from harvest 2016 BalsamoSaba® 3 is organic certified.

Product characteristics: brown-coloured liquid; fluid consistency; sweet with a pleasant acidity.

Use: Good to dress salads, vegetables, and sweet and sour onions.

When you meet them, you perceive the importance of the word family, but above all you have the perception that time does not exist.

It is precisely the traditions that are handed down in the family and the timeless time of the “acetaia” (where vinegar is created) are the two fundamental elements for producing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena of excellent quality.

Ca 'dal Non offers us not only an excellent traditional product, but also innovative condiments that go with more modern and imaginative dishes.

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